Dirty and dull wheels can and affect the overall appearance of your vehicle. Removing road grime, tar & imperfections in your polished wheels is what we specialize in. Before we begin our high speed machine polishing stages, we know that it is important to remove all road film with the right soaps and the softest cleaning tools.

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Bringing out the high mirror shine in your polished aluminum wheels requires several steps. Our team uses nothing but the finest product and tools on the market. Majority of the time, we can make your wheels shine with our basic starting rate. Each wheel receives a single stage cut, and single stage machine polish, and a finishing stage hand polish with Metal-X to not only give it a higher shine, but also more protection.


We know that our customers who own high polished aluminum wheels expect nothing but a mirror shine, and this is what our customers should expect every time. Our team takes wheel polishing to the next level. Whether you have water spotting, brake dust build up, or foggy/dingy wheels you can rest assure that our team will make sure you leave our facility happily.